i'm a freeloader
a buccaneer
and i'd be home now
if i chose to live here

i am entitled
i am unashamed
and in a choice between bad and worse
i choose to abstain

i'm a con man
loitering at the top of a pyramid scheme
i'm a criminal
i copped a plea

and i am standing on the antarctic
the ice shifting beneath my feet
and i am waving this useless white flag
to nothing but miles of tepid sea

til the earth sees she's had
and peels us off
like the sunburn
from her back

i am a victim
cursed by this place and time
i've been nickeled
and i've been dimed

but you're a bully with a rosary
come to meet me in the catholic school yard
you're a senator pushing minimums
caught red-handed in the oxycontin jar

you're nurse ratched
and i am the chief
call us rustlers
and call us thieves

except that this cross-section of zealots
has got the whole of the right enslaved
and without a single patriot
left to call a spade a spade

oh that once we were led
by great kings of men
been replaced by
a bickerin'

and the winds are a'changin'
but nobody's been listenin'
there's a hole in my bucket
and the water just keeps coming in

but for one haunting moment
in the bitterest bait-and-switch
the rich get a taste of our bitter medicine


from Uncle Stephanie's Murder Ballads *FOR KIDS!, released July 31, 2015
stephanie - piano, organ, vocals
jesse morrow - bass
paul thibodeaux - drums, tambourine, garbage can lids
marais street - birds, dogs
andrew gilchrist - recording, mixing



all rights reserved


stephanie nilles New Orleans, Louisiana

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