look here, mama
we can't get along
baby i really tried to treat you right

now when i get home from work
and cut you my check
you wants to raise sand fuss and fight
and try and stay up all night

you left last night at 8
going to a show
come home snoozin in this mornin at 4

you even had the nerve to let another man
drive you up to my front door

you say we're through
got all my money too
come on over here baby let me tell you what i'm gonna do to you:

I’m gonna cut your head in four different ways.
That’s Long, short, deep and wide.
When I get through spreadin' you around with this rusty black razor
you’re gonna be laid out for an ambulance ride.
‘cause I’m gonna cut A, B, C, D onto top of your head
That’s gonna be treating you right mama cuz you ain’t gonna be dead.
Cut E, F, G across your face.
H, I, J, K that’s where runnin’ bound to take place.
Cut L, M, N cross both your arms.
You're gonna sell yourself and peddle gal your whole life long
Cut N, O, P, Q that’s gonna be trouble too.
‘cause I’m gonna grab you mama and turn you every way but loose
Cut R, S, T just to hear you cry
That’ll be the last time tears a run over your eyes.
Cut U, V, W on the bottoms of your feet.
That’ll be the last time you walk up an’ down 25th street.
cut you cross the bosom with X, Y, Z.
When I get through with this alphabet
you’ll quit your messing with me.


from Uncle Stephanie's Murder Ballads *FOR KIDS!, released July 31, 2015
stephanie - piano, vocals
jesse morrow - bass
paul thibodeaux - drums
bj's - vibe



all rights reserved


stephanie nilles New Orleans, Louisiana

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